In this tutorial, I’ll be taking you through the steps of getting your development environment ready to start building Flutter applications.

Flutter was created by Google and it’s an opensource framework. Using a single codebase, you can build beautiful, natively compiled applications for web, mobile, and desktop.

One of the advantages of building with Flutter is its hot-reloading feature. In milliseconds, your application is updated and this makes development faster as you don’t have to wait to preview your changes.

Others include:
- Single codebase to build on cross-platform
- Beautiful and Expressive UI/UX
- Native performance
- Smooth and easy animations…

Olutunmbi Banto

Software Engineer and UX Developer — #Node, #React, #Angular, #PHP #UX | ALC Mentor and Facilitator at Andela | Tech Writer at @itnex_io

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