Finally, I decided to do a review of my 2017.

Early part of this year was busy for me. I was completing my NYSC program in Kwara. Served as a biology and Agric teacher in Jamaat Secondary school, Owu Isin. Kwara state. It ended in April.

Let’s go!


Last year, 2016, my colleague and I started a training at Grange school, Ikeja — training kids on programming skills, ranging from Alice 3 to Java.

This year was a continuation. We trained even more kids with an extended curriculum. The joy of being an inspiration was immeasurable.


I attended:

  • forLoop Lagos — Building for a billion users
  • Frontstack conference


I worked on a few projects — some of which I jumped on from friends' invitation, others are personal project.

I participated in HealthMeetsTech hackathon that took place in ccHub. My team came 3rd. We hacked the Health Literary and Awareness problem using social media and we built BetaMedic.


Early this year, I got my hands on Angular, after much thought in deciding what best framework I should learn and stick to.

Picked up Angular 2, built tests projects and worked on a project with my friends- going into production soon.

I participated in HotelsNG Internship 1. It was AWEsome. Learnt a lot of tools and met great people.

I applied and got enrolled for the Google Udacity scholarship.

Applied and got accepted to Andela Learning Community 2.0 on Intermediate Web track after developing a student management web app using AngularJS as frontend and Node JS as backend API. Code on my github

I realized I wasn’t strongly grounded in HTML and CSS so I took quite a lot of trainings and reading on these languages.


I intended to write as much as I can this year. Though starting just few months ago, I was able to publish 6 articles. 3 technical and 2 non-technical.

My articles were published on Medium and Codementor, gathering a total of 7,225 reads.


I set out to read from different spheres. The books I read are:

  • Things I wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman
  • The Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers (5 in 1 book)
  • How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer


New to opensource contributions, I made the following:

  • Participated in Github’s hacktoberfest.
  • Made 9 contributions to other people’s open source repository
  • Made total of 352 contributions to github

Cheers to an amazing year. I hope to work harder and better in 2018. I should write a review at the end of 2018.

Thanks for reading thus far. Kindly follow me on Twitter: @hellotunmbi

Software Engineer and UX Developer — #Node, #React, #Angular, #PHP #UX | ALC Mentor and Facilitator at Andela | Tech Writer at @itnex_io

Software Engineer and UX Developer — #Node, #React, #Angular, #PHP #UX | ALC Mentor and Facilitator at Andela | Tech Writer at @itnex_io