In this tutorial, I’ll be taking you through the steps of getting your development environment ready to start building Flutter applications.

Flutter was created by Google and it’s an opensource framework. Using a single codebase, you can build beautiful, natively compiled applications for web, mobile, and desktop.

One of the advantages of building with Flutter is its hot-reloading feature. In milliseconds, your application is updated and this makes development faster as you don’t have to wait to preview your changes.

Others include:
- Single codebase to build on cross-platform
- Beautiful and Expressive UI/UX
- Native performance
- Smooth and easy animations…


It is a good software engineering practice to separate portions of your code function to work independently of other parts. Since your codes are made up of functions basically, serverless functions allow you to deploy those functions without the complexity of managing a server to run them.

In this tutorial, we will be learning what serverless functions are, how to write them, and how to deploy them on Netlify in minutes. We will also touch up on other uses of serverless functions.

What are Serverless Functions?

A serverless function is a function hosted on a cloud infrastructure and performs a single purpose. It is…


Developing mobile applications have been made easy and seamless with Ionic. Over the years, Ionic has greatly improved their framework in allowing users to build mobile applications that are platform-independent using your favorite front-end framework. Now with your existing HTML/CSS, Angular, React, or Vue knowledge, you can build cross-platform mobile applications with native features and beautiful user interface.

What is Ionic

Ionic is a free and opensource framework used in building cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Ionic offers a library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for building fast, highly interactive apps.

Ionic was built with the Angular framework…

In my learning journey to writing better code, I started learning tests and would be sharing with you how easy it is to add tests to your application (Node API in this case).

At the end of this article, you will be able to write an end-to-end test that makes call API call, test GET and POST request of an API which test your insert and search function, database connection and if data is retrieved.

In this tutorial, I have prepared a simple Node JS API that fetches record from a MongoDB database. …

Life has been made easy with Netlify. Now you can deploy all your angular applications to Netlify and have a unique link to access it anytime.

Sometime ago, I published How to Deploy Your Angular App To Heroku. Here’s the Netlify version

This tutorial is a step by step guide that takes you through the process of deployment from start to finish and it contains:

  • Setting up your Angular application — fresh app
  • Pushing your app to Github
  • Continuous Integration of your app from Github to Netlify

Lets Start!

Spoiler Alert: If you have an existing angular application or you…

Wordpress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). Its technology stack is based on PHP and MySQL — the most popular programming language and database system.

It is no news that most blogs and few websites are making use of the Wordpress platform, hence the need to write this post to enlighten users of the risk and take proper actions in protecting their online assets.

Because Wordpress is open-source (meaning its codebase is free and open to anyone and everyone who wants to access it), it become vulnerable to hackers.

The point is: no one wants their website/blog to be…

Finally, I decided to do a review of my 2017.

Early part of this year was busy for me. I was completing my NYSC program in Kwara. Served as a biology and Agric teacher in Jamaat Secondary school, Owu Isin. Kwara state. It ended in April.

Let’s go!


Last year, 2016, my colleague and I started a training at Grange school, Ikeja — training kids on programming skills, ranging from Alice 3 to Java.

This year was a continuation. We trained even more kids with an extended curriculum. The joy of being an inspiration was immeasurable.


I attended:

  • forLoop…

This is a follow up article. In case you have not gone through Part one, it can be found here. Part One entails:

  • Adding Starting up an Angular (2) application.
  • Adding authentication
  • Twitter authentication
  • Facebook authentication
  • Gmail authentication

This Part 2 will walk you through the following:

  • Safeguarding the dashboard page and other protected pages
  • Adding Logout functionality
  • Authentication with Github accounts
  • Regular sign up/login

Note, you can find the complete code on github.

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Lets Get Started!

Adding Logout Functionality

We implemented the logout functionality in our auth.service.ts file. Lets add the button on…

It has always ‘seemed’ easy until you try it. Having deployed other apps to heroku, I encountered series of challenges deploying Angular 4 recently but I pulled through finally. So am writing to explain in details how I did it.

This article will show you guides on deploying your Angular 2/4 apps easily to Heroku, more importantly, avoiding common pitfalls.

This is not a tutorial to help you learn Angular. It will be assumed you have completed development and ready to deploy. However, we’ll setup basic angular project from start and deploy. This tutorial will cover:

  • Creating basic angular project

In this era where community is ubiquitous, whether you have the skill or not, you need to know how to start, hold and more importantly end a conversation on a good note. This is a skill I have been trying so hard to learn over the years.

Conversations help build relationships and breed great network. After all, as the saying goes: your network determines your net worth.

Before I proceed, let me state few base facts.

  1. I am naturally a reserved person (I think I’ve escaped from being an Introvert), so words do not flow easily except I am with…

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