How do you hold a conversation

In this era where community is ubiquitous, whether you have the skill or not, you need to know how to start, hold and more importantly end a conversation on a good note. This is a skill I have been trying so hard to learn over the years.

Conversations help build relationships and breed great network. After all, as the saying goes: your network determines your net worth.

Before I proceed, let me state few base facts.

  1. I am naturally a reserved person (I think I’ve escaped from being an Introvert), so words do not flow easily except I am with my close friends.
  2. Am a good listener (if you are making sense). But my silence while in a chat may irritate some people.
  3. When I leave a conversation, I remember what I should have said
  4. I am very eloquent — in my mind.

My purpose of writing this post is to get ideas on improving myself on how to start a conversation with a total stranger, engage such person and end it on a smooth note for later communication.

I see a quite a number people chit-chat with strangers and it beats me to ask — how do you do it? What do you say? How do you know what kind of joke to crack that would not seem offensive? What if you’r not versatile in the topic? Can this skill be learnt?

Could it be because:

  • I am too careful of what to say. Or
  • Any of the base facts above

Those of you who find this easy peasy, kindly share your thoughts, ideas, how-tos and the likes.

Will greatly appreciate.

Comment below or DM on twitter (hellotunmbi).

Software Engineer and UX Developer — #Node, #React, #Angular, #PHP #UX | ALC Mentor and Facilitator at Andela | Tech Writer at @itnex_io

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